Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who Doesn't Wanna be Cooking Outside Anyways

Here's to beer, burgers and barbecues!

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about the start of spring when you get those first couples days of pure beauty. Calm breeze, blue bird skies and that lonely barbecue in your backyard giving you the eye.

Embrace this opportunity and cook it up for your family and friends. Get up and out, pop by your local grocer and pick up some fresh ingredients  how about ground beef, parsley, jalapeƱo havarti, dill pickles, iceberg lettuce and some roma tomato; anything and everything you think is going make a burger best for your bite. Just wing it or loosely follow a recipe.

I know the jolly hamburger may have received bad rap from a few fast food chains, but a good ol home made burger made right can be a great addition to healthy balanced diet.
Try choosing extra lean ground beef, fresh cut vegetables and whole grain buns. Make a custom sauce or aoili with fresh garlic. And skip on buttering the bun will ya?
Consider your side dish as well, do away with the fries for today and go with a fresh salad that is light on dressing. Fresh is always best, making a quick salad is a five minute job if you have a good recipe. I have 7 tasty, healthy and best of all quick salad recipes in my cookbook" Healthy Family Recipes"- Company's Coming.
*****Left to Right*****
Bison burger with blue cheese, caramelized red onion & tzatziki

Alberta Beef patty, Canadian cheddar, leaf, tomato, red onion,dill pickle and garlic aoili.

Alberta Beef patty, swiss, portabella, arugula garlic aoili.

Looking for a good burger recipe?

-Rocket Red Sliders Featured in ``Healthy Family Recipes`` - Company`s Coming

It's Spring In Edmonton be happy, Cook something, and follow Chef Sheridan   @ShefSheridan