Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are there any allergies you don't have?

A menu for 14 hungry and diverse guests is usually something which requires a little more planning when writing a menu.

 But how about 14 guests with 5 different allergies looking for a menu everyone can enjoy? 

Hmm that is a doozy. We can start things off with the celiac eliminating any sort of gluten on the menu, then throw in the typical nut allergy, okay now so no soy or egg, those are a no no. And lets just wrap the whole thing up with a very inconvenient dairy allergy.

On the light side you know there is a lot of food out there and still many ingredients for me to work with, but my head was a little sore from banging it against the wall. So any ways here is the menu.


Dinner was hosted on an acreage south of Edmonton, Guests gathered around a long table to bask in the summer sunset.
Dinner was a success, and all were happy to enjoy a dinner with their loved ones on this special day.
Ryan from Ryan + Beth Photography  http://www.ryanandbeth.ca/ Shot some amazing photos from the whole day event and excited when I was able to make him a plate of his very own- did I mention he is vegan?

Intimate multi course dinners in the comfort of your own home. Its doesn't get any better than that.
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