Friday, May 31, 2013

Here fishy fishy

An amazing experience being out in Shearwater British Columbia with Central Coast Adventures on a super cool fishing trip with the boys!

Just going crazy, pulling out chinook salmon, dungeness crab, spot prawns, lingCod, and red snapper from the deep deep.
One of the first times I was actually able to catch, clean and cook my meal all in one day. Sure makes for one happy chef!

Back at the lodge I even had the chance to play around with these salt water beauties. Im talkin about some cedar smoked Dijon sugar salmon and Beer battered crab legs! LEGIT!
But after a couple upchucks far out on the ocean this land lover was ready to header back to the prairies of Alberta.

CHef Sheridan......YYAAAAAAARRRR Metis

Lots to come this smokin summer 2013 stay tuned

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So much Lobster Blood on my hands

For my 2nd year in row I was lucky enough to be the Lobster chef for the annual Ardrossan lobster dinner.
A time a year when the community gets together mingle and enjoy some first class surf and turf.

For the event a silent auction is always hosted to raise funds for the community. I auction off an 4 course dinner party for 8 people. I was happy to see quite a few bids but the lucky number goes to Robin- Cant wait to cook for you!

260 Live lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia the day of the event. Sorry little buds but your journey ends here with this Chef.
I worked with a crew; Mike Minarchi, Cassius Era, & Hayden Maclean to boil up over 30 gallons of court-bouillon- (a liquid for poaching) with fresh lemon, herbs, Chardonnay, and other flavorful aromatics.
Always such a great rush prepping, cooking, cracking and serving 260 live lobsters in less than 2 hours. Yikes! Good work team we killed it!..... literally..ha ha ha..... I guess that's not really funny?
 Thank you to everyone who came out and supported.
I want to mention each Lobster was treated with respect and humane cooking methods and treatments.

Spring Dinners and BBQ's>>>> Ive got em!

Chef Sheridan 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunshine, booze, and Patio food!

It blows my mind how we can change so much with the season. Not a month ago I was tangled in blankets, heat cranked, craving nothing more than a nice rich chicken stew and Stanly park ale.
The times have changed my friend, I wanna get my butt outside soak up some sun and feast on somethin crisp and cool.
 I feel more naturally inclined to make healthier choices this time of year. Not because I know Im gonna have half the clothes on, or because i'll be rockin no shirt behind the boat.- But simply because those light, simple fresh ingredients are just the way to go this time of year. I can feel content and satisfied with a salad for a meal just so long as its done right.

Im talkin about goat cheese, red onion, crisp greens, walnuts, pumpkin seeds (ya whatever!) and a nice white balsamic vin.

Sorry this Babe isn't in the book, but maybe i'll write another one.
Check out Chef Sheridan Summer 2013

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