Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunshine, booze, and Patio food!

It blows my mind how we can change so much with the season. Not a month ago I was tangled in blankets, heat cranked, craving nothing more than a nice rich chicken stew and Stanly park ale.
The times have changed my friend, I wanna get my butt outside soak up some sun and feast on somethin crisp and cool.
 I feel more naturally inclined to make healthier choices this time of year. Not because I know Im gonna have half the clothes on, or because i'll be rockin no shirt behind the boat.- But simply because those light, simple fresh ingredients are just the way to go this time of year. I can feel content and satisfied with a salad for a meal just so long as its done right.

Im talkin about goat cheese, red onion, crisp greens, walnuts, pumpkin seeds (ya whatever!) and a nice white balsamic vin.

Sorry this Babe isn't in the book, but maybe i'll write another one.
Check out Chef Sheridan Summer 2013

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