Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Better Breakfast Ideas

Getting your morning together with a healthy wholesome breakfast can sometimes be tricky, even when the new years resolutions are still ringing strong. However the break down begins when this breakfast routine becomes a daunting repetitive task. 

Healthy choices need to be made in a sustainable way, one in which doesn't require hours of planning and shopping and doesn't require an hour in the kitchen every morning.

So listen in on this chef's little weekly secret; I call it Cinnamon steal Cut Porridge.

In a tasty breakfast bite, here we have complex carbohydrates, a good source of protein, iron, vitamin C and dietary fibre. A meal which is very versatile and can be made in batch to last for a few days for yourself and other house members.

Become your own chef with this recipe and experiment with different fruits, nuts and yogurts to find your favourite combination.

This recipe is featured in Chef Sheridan's cookbook " Healthy Family Recipes" -Company's Coming- pick up your copy today.

Love your Kitchen, Love your Food.
Chef Sheridan

Edmonton's #1 private Chef

Monday, January 6, 2014

One for the Ladies

A new Party package to be offered for the year 2014 starting February - "Hen Parties" - for all the ladies out there who need a break during the week to kick back with the gals and enjoy some great food and wine.

A Hen party can be hosted on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening and feature a personalized 3 course Dinner with a complimentary wine pairing for a lower cost than your typical dinner party.

Hen parties follow the same premise as a dinner party in terms of the Chef shopping, cooking, cleaning and having a server assist with dinner service.  This is a new way for you to have a break with great friends, enjoy this Chef's creation and save a couple bucks in the process. All in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some photos from the test run - Photography Provided by Photo Junkies

- a real pleasure working with Kelty and Andrew of Photo Junkies Edmonton

 Beauty Bosc pear, ruby Raspberries and wild mushroom ragout in phyllo pastry to warm the appetite.
-Pour me a glass of red will ya?

Right here we have Peppercorn rose’ roasted red pepper and rocket greens. Spiced right for the season.

Poor man’s potato and leek soup, spiffed up with black truffle, herb roasted croutons and grana padano.

Chicken Papreeks; seasoned, seared and cheese stuffed. Paired through and through with ratatouille, butternut squash puree, arugula, stilton potato pave and butter bourbon jus.

Poached Pear sitting cosy in a brandy snap basket with oat crumble. Served with Chef Sheridan’s custom cinnamon stick and vanilla bean icecream.

Hen Parties – groups of 6-10 for 80$ per person
Wednesday & Thursday’s Only

Personalized menus.
Your choice of any 3 fabulous courses with wine pairing.

Get em while there hot!Edmontons #1 Private Chef

-Chef Sheridan