Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Scent of Christmas - 5 Course Dinner

In Alberta it is incredible how adaptive we must be to keep up with the challenges of the change of season. Now that we are almost through November we are finally getting used to fighting the cold, bundling up and let's not forget shovelling snow.

Something I actually enjoy about coming into this chilly season is the way our diets, tastes and cravings change as well.

As I chef I love how I have the constant opportunity to write new menus. I can make adjustments to alter a certain meal to feel more in tune with the season, while also using  fruits & vegetables in their peek. This time of year I find my spice rack to have clove, nutmeg and cinnamon a lot closer to the front of line.

Here are some shots from a recent 5 course dinner. A meal Made to embrace the holiday season.

 Green Apple Cheese Pate'- served on a toasted cinnamon crostini.

 Harvest Zucchini- Scored green courgette stuffed with aspargus, red onion and mushroom

Breeze Salad - Hand picked mix of Organic baby greens with tomato, sunflower seed and a brown sugar vinaigrette.
 Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Irving's farm bacon and fried sage.

 Chicago Fillet Mignon with double potato & asparagus

 Mocha PannaCotta Cocoa - Set cream with a hint of mocha, Callebaut chocolate and Sambuca strawberries

We are completely booked for the year of 2014! Thank you for making Chef Sheridan your choice for a private chef.

Please inquire for your dinner party in 2015 - some spots still remaining in January and February.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are there any allergies you don't have?

A menu for 14 hungry and diverse guests is usually something which requires a little more planning when writing a menu.

 But how about 14 guests with 5 different allergies looking for a menu everyone can enjoy? 

Hmm that is a doozy. We can start things off with the celiac eliminating any sort of gluten on the menu, then throw in the typical nut allergy, okay now so no soy or egg, those are a no no. And lets just wrap the whole thing up with a very inconvenient dairy allergy.

On the light side you know there is a lot of food out there and still many ingredients for me to work with, but my head was a little sore from banging it against the wall. So any ways here is the menu.


Dinner was hosted on an acreage south of Edmonton, Guests gathered around a long table to bask in the summer sunset.
Dinner was a success, and all were happy to enjoy a dinner with their loved ones on this special day.
Ryan from Ryan + Beth Photography  http://www.ryanandbeth.ca/ Shot some amazing photos from the whole day event and excited when I was able to make him a plate of his very own- did I mention he is vegan?

Intimate multi course dinners in the comfort of your own home. Its doesn't get any better than that.
Only a few spots left for the 2014 Christmas season inquire about a date today!
Book now for 2015!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New 400 calorie cookbook in the making with Company's Coming

 A new Cookbook set to hit the bookshelves in January 2015 entitled "400 Calorie Mains". - Chef Sheridan McLaren

Here lies a cookbook which features many of your favourite foods constructed into health conscious and calorie wise servings.
When it comes down to healthy, low calorie food the common misconception sometimes falls toward bland and boring, but when writing recipes for this book we had a much different approach.

More calories per portion does not always translate to a better bite, there are ways to improve flavour & moistness of meats beyond the typical butter and salt bath. Here are the 3 main ways I was able to create recipes for this cookbook with more bang for their low calorie bite.

 Selection of Choice Cuts of Meat

In any animal we eat whether it be chicken, cow, fish or elk, there are cuts of meat in each animal which require different methods of cooking, have more or less fat, have good or better tastes and so forth.
When searching for a calorie wise meal we can choose cuts of meat which are leaner and therefore less calorie dense- and believe me this doesn't we are crossing beef steaks off the menu

These recipes use proteins like beef tenderloin, halibut, and lobster to create a dish with less calories and fat.
The way our meat is cut can also impact how it cooks and therefore tastes. Recipes choose thicker cuts of meat to retain more moisture during the cooking process.


Marinades are useful because they allow complex and diverse flavours to absorb into foods like meats and vegetables before they are cooked. Even in just 10 minutes with the right mixture and cut of meat, we can make an astounding difference.
Marinades in this cookbook use a variety of cold pressed oils, vinegars, herbs, citrus juices and spices develop epic flavour. When you have a great marinade you truely do not need as much sodium or fat to make a dish enjoyable.

 Portion Control/ Macro-Nutrient Division

It is clear to see that less of something is going to provide you with fewer calories. However some calories-  like those provided by simple sugars and refined carbohydrates don't have the staying power or glycemic rating of others. When sourcing our 400 calories from more complex carbohydrates and proteins, our body can better metabolize this energy which in-turn creates the feeling of being full and comfortable last longer. Recipes from this book can provide the feeling of satiety longer than a typical 400 calorie portion because of the quality and ratio of the macro-nutrients in each serving.

Together the team at Company's Coming comprised a book of 75 recipes for the "400 Calorie Main" Cookbook. 1/3 of the recipes featured in the book are of my creation.

Here are some photos of my recipes from the shoot.

Food styling - Ashley Billy
Photography - Sandy Weatherall http://www.jinseiphoto.ca/
Ruby Red Lobster Tail
Gluten free

Market Mushroom

Unrolled Maki

Blue Cheese Beef Tenderloin

Keep your eyes out for the new book!

Visit my Website at www.chefsheridan.com

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skate Camp @ Millennium Place Sherwood Park

Blank Skateboard shop of Sherwood Park was back for it's 4th year to run a 1 week Skateboard camp at Millennium place.

Myself and other volunteers coached kids ages 9-12 to get out and active and to learn some new tricks to show off in the skate park.

We all know eating healthy is a big part to give us the fuel to be active, So I gathered the troops around to learn a little bit more about making healthy food choices.

We talked about healthier choices like fruits, vegetables and whole grains can better supply us with the energy and endurance to land kick flips and make higher ollies.

We rewarded the top 3 improved skaters with their own copy of my cookbook "Healthy Family Recipes" then wrapped up our chat with some fresh fruit and powerslides!

Thank you to all volunteers and skaters, lots of fun see you again next year!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Local Flavours @ Taste of Edmonton

I am proud to announce another year back at the Taste of Edmonton as a feature Chef!

An evening pop-up event in the Sip'n Savour Tent  features foods from vendors from the Down town city market.

Chefs will prepare appetizers using ingredients found at the city market to showcase the bounty of our local agriculture.

Join myself and Chef Annand Ollivierre from Red Fife catering for an exciting evening of taste!
Purchase tickets today through Tix on the Square. http://www.tixonthesquare.ca/event/detail/8524/

Tickets are only 12$!

My menu features 

*Raspberry wine braised elk 

*Herb roasted baby potatoes with goat fresco          

*Vibrant summer green salad with apricot vinaigrette.

Chef Sheridan.com

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spot Light on Alberta food

What I loved my most recent dinner party was its special focus on highlighting Alberta Agriculture.
At this stage of the season the bounty of fresh grown greens, herbs vegetables is becoming greater by the day. The farmer's Markets are getting into action and after a cold long winter Alberta is showing everyone the diversity and glory of our local agriculture.

Innisfail  Lamb Rack - crusted with fresh bread crumbs rosemary and dijon. Brown butter potatoes and rocket.

Press Salad - Baby char, spinach & kale tossed with bacon, goatcheese, pumpkin seeds & red Banana.
Maple & white balsamic viniagrette made with Alberta cold pressed canola oil.

Spring Chicken - Citrus and herb rubbed chicken with double potatoes and heirloom carrots.
Micro greens and Jus.

Apple & Blueberry Crisp - Chef's Signature cinnamon & vanilla bean icecream and walnut crumble.

As we grow deeper into our Canadian summer, farms and greenhouses will continue to show us the lush glory our Alberta sun. Do yourself a favour and visit your local farmer's market and support our local producers. Impress yourself with some new home grown additions to your eating routine.

Booking Dinners for Late July. Reserve your spot today!
-Chef Sheridan

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who Doesn't Wanna be Cooking Outside Anyways

Here's to beer, burgers and barbecues!

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about the start of spring when you get those first couples days of pure beauty. Calm breeze, blue bird skies and that lonely barbecue in your backyard giving you the eye.

Embrace this opportunity and cook it up for your family and friends. Get up and out, pop by your local grocer and pick up some fresh ingredients  how about ground beef, parsley, jalapeño havarti, dill pickles, iceberg lettuce and some roma tomato; anything and everything you think is going make a burger best for your bite. Just wing it or loosely follow a recipe.

I know the jolly hamburger may have received bad rap from a few fast food chains, but a good ol home made burger made right can be a great addition to healthy balanced diet.
Try choosing extra lean ground beef, fresh cut vegetables and whole grain buns. Make a custom sauce or aoili with fresh garlic. And skip on buttering the bun will ya?
Consider your side dish as well, do away with the fries for today and go with a fresh salad that is light on dressing. Fresh is always best, making a quick salad is a five minute job if you have a good recipe. I have 7 tasty, healthy and best of all quick salad recipes in my cookbook" Healthy Family Recipes"- Company's Coming.
*****Left to Right*****
Bison burger with blue cheese, caramelized red onion & tzatziki

Alberta Beef patty, Canadian cheddar, leaf, tomato, red onion,dill pickle and garlic aoili.

Alberta Beef patty, swiss, portabella, arugula garlic aoili.

Looking for a good burger recipe?

-Rocket Red Sliders Featured in ``Healthy Family Recipes`` - Company`s Coming

It's Spring In Edmonton be happy, Cook something, and follow Chef Sheridan

www.ChefSheridan.com   @ShefSheridan

Monday, April 21, 2014

Private Chef Dinner for a Spring Chicken

A menu that shouts "spring is finally here!"- regardless if there is a little bit of that unspeakable white stuff still on the ground.
Here lies a 4 course dinner that captures the flavours, colour and excitement of the season that changes it all for us Canada!
Here is the menu for the most recent dinner party.

                                Ruby Red Lobster Tail

Citrus poached Atlantic Lobster tail. Paired with custom quinoa and rice mixture, grilled zucchini and eggplant. Complimented with beurre blanc and sugar pea shoots.
Ultimate in tenderness and flavour.

                  Press Salad - Saffron Vinaigrette

 Arugula, Baby Kale & Romaine tossed in saffron & white balsamic vinaigrette
Champagne mango, pumpkin seeds and goat cheese to crack a smile.

                            Spring Chicken

Citrus and herb breast stuffed with Jalapeño havarti- Pan sear oven roast with jus.
Rainbow carrots, sunflower shoots.
Double potato - roasted garlic mash, roasted baby reds.
Delicate bright and cheesy!

                  Sambuca Blueberry & Apple Crisp

Custom crumble with walnut, oat and flax.
Chef Sheridan's signature Cinnamon vanilla bean ice-cream.
No licking your plate please 

Chef Sheridan Custom Dinner parties 4 or 7 courses.
Visit our website to learn more about the packages we offer.
Ultimate dinner experience in the comfort of your own home.
Starting @ 100$ per person. Book now!
Come see what all the hype is about www.ChefSheridan.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An "A" List Addition To Your Breakfast Routine

With spring just around the corner, I think it may be time to switch up the breakfast routine a little bit with this fast, no mess breakfast banger!

Blackberry Mango Smoothie

Load up on your protein, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A with a simple blend together breakfast.
This recipe is feature in my Cookbook "Healthy Family Recipes" - Company's Coming

Recipe Below.

Chef Sheridan Edmonton's #1 Private Chef.
Now Booking for late may 2014
Please visit www.ChefSheridan.Com

Blackberry mango Smoothie
Serves 2

A recipe with the convenience we sometimes beg for in the morning.  Packed with protein, calcium, vitamin C, & D. A great recipe to play around with by substituting your favourite fruits and making it personal.

2tsbp boiling water

1cup chopped mango- fresh or frozen
1/2cup blackberry- fresh or frozen
1tbsp flax seed
1tbsp honey
1tsp vanilla extract
¾ cup 2%  milk
½ cup Greek yogurt
2tsbp cottage cheese

Place quinoa flour in the blender and set to a low speed, gradually pour in boiling water. This should form a paste.Add all remaining ingredients to a blender and pulse until completely combined.

Served chilled.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Breakfast Television Debute

On Wenesday April 2nd I made my debute on breakfast television with City Tv Edmonton.

 I was asked to  host a cooking segment focused around a healthy meal. I chose a recipe which is currently in the works for the next cookbook with Company’s Coming – “400kcal Mains”

Blueberry Halibut on the menu for today! Thick cut halibut splashed with flavours of sage and white balsamic topped with a refreshing blueberry yogurt and crisp Graham cracker.

Below are the links to watch the short video. There are 2 seperate parts.
Try this refreshing spring bite at home, I posted the recipe below.
Blueberry Halibut
Thick cut halibut splashed with flavours of sage and white balsamic topped with a refreshing blueberry yogurt and crisp graham crackers.
Serves 2
2 – 6oz halibut fillet (centre cut)
1/2 tsp fresh sage chopped
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp cracked pepper
1tsp blueberry vinegar or white balsamic vinegar
2 tsp canola oil
15 blueberries 
2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/8 cup graham cracker large crumbs
Preheat oven to 400F.
Pat fillets of halibut dry with paper towel. On a large plate mix together sage, salt, pepper and vinegar to make a marinade. Add fillets to plate and rub entirely with the marinade. Allow to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes.
In the meantime finely chop blueberries on cutting board, transfer to a small bowl and mix with yogurt and lemon. Mix loosely to create a marbled look.
Heat a large heavy bottomed pan over high heat. Add oil to pan and allow it to be hot. Gently add each fillet to pan. Slightly lower heat and allow the fillet to begin browning- about 2-3 minutes. Once a dark golden colour is achieved flip fillet to sear the other side then place the entire pan into the oven for 8 minutes or until fish is cooked medium moist.
Remove from oven, cover with foil and allow to rest for 5 minutes.
To serve; spread a spoonful of blueberry yogurt over top of the fillet. Top with large graham cracker crumbs.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The pride of the most powerful tool in your kitchen

A must in every kitchen is a good sharp chefs knife; In my opinion this is what separates a cook from a meal maker.

But is this just a bunch of ramble? Aside from cleaner cuts is a sharp knife really going help out the average cook in the kitchen? Or will it cut my fingers clean off rather than just the regular nicks and pokes.

Not only is a sharp knife better for quicker and more precise cuts but it is in fact safer.

A dull knife is more common to slip when you cut vegetables, also you generally need to use more pressure to cut through different foods- more pressure to slide into unsuspecting fingers.

Using a dull knife when cutting herbs, greens and other nutritious vegetables tends to bruise and wilt rather than to gently slice through. This bruising can actually impact flavour, appearance and even nutrient retention in a negative way.

A good chef will hold a lot of pride in their knives; to keep them clean, sharpened and well looked after.

If you find yourself in the kitchen often, and are running low on band-aids then it might be time for you to invest! You can find a great selection of knives at local dealers within your town. I recommend Shun knives.

I recently added a new blade to my collection. Take care of your knives and they will take care of you!

Chef Sheridan

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Better Breakfast Ideas

Getting your morning together with a healthy wholesome breakfast can sometimes be tricky, even when the new years resolutions are still ringing strong. However the break down begins when this breakfast routine becomes a daunting repetitive task. 

Healthy choices need to be made in a sustainable way, one in which doesn't require hours of planning and shopping and doesn't require an hour in the kitchen every morning.

So listen in on this chef's little weekly secret; I call it Cinnamon steal Cut Porridge.

In a tasty breakfast bite, here we have complex carbohydrates, a good source of protein, iron, vitamin C and dietary fibre. A meal which is very versatile and can be made in batch to last for a few days for yourself and other house members.

Become your own chef with this recipe and experiment with different fruits, nuts and yogurts to find your favourite combination.

This recipe is featured in Chef Sheridan's cookbook " Healthy Family Recipes" -Company's Coming- pick up your copy today.

Love your Kitchen, Love your Food.
Chef Sheridan

Edmonton's #1 private Chef

Monday, January 6, 2014

One for the Ladies

A new Party package to be offered for the year 2014 starting February - "Hen Parties" - for all the ladies out there who need a break during the week to kick back with the gals and enjoy some great food and wine.

A Hen party can be hosted on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening and feature a personalized 3 course Dinner with a complimentary wine pairing for a lower cost than your typical dinner party.

Hen parties follow the same premise as a dinner party in terms of the Chef shopping, cooking, cleaning and having a server assist with dinner service.  This is a new way for you to have a break with great friends, enjoy this Chef's creation and save a couple bucks in the process. All in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some photos from the test run - Photography Provided by Photo Junkies

- a real pleasure working with Kelty and Andrew of Photo Junkies Edmonton

 Beauty Bosc pear, ruby Raspberries and wild mushroom ragout in phyllo pastry to warm the appetite.
-Pour me a glass of red will ya?

Right here we have Peppercorn rose’ roasted red pepper and rocket greens. Spiced right for the season.

Poor man’s potato and leek soup, spiffed up with black truffle, herb roasted croutons and grana padano.

Chicken Papreeks; seasoned, seared and cheese stuffed. Paired through and through with ratatouille, butternut squash puree, arugula, stilton potato pave and butter bourbon jus.

Poached Pear sitting cosy in a brandy snap basket with oat crumble. Served with Chef Sheridan’s custom cinnamon stick and vanilla bean icecream.

Hen Parties – groups of 6-10 for 80$ per person
Wednesday & Thursday’s Only

Personalized menus.
Your choice of any 3 fabulous courses with wine pairing.

Get em while there hot!Edmontons #1 Private Chef

-Chef Sheridan