Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A dinner to Knock off your stockings

A meal suited for Kris Kringle himself; spiced for the season, warm and comfy, even if it is December raining outside.

Here is the customized menu put together for Bruce & Cindy. 4 course + Hors deouvres

Bruce isn't the biggest fan of vegetables - I felt like a mother shaking my finger. But together we were able to put together a menu which featured many of his favourites with a healthy twist. Just by including vibrant coloured vegetables like butter nut squash, arugula, mushrooms, strawberries, cauliflower and asparagus we can certainly tune up the nutritional value, this helps by adding valuable vitamins and minerals to actually help metabolize fats and carbohydrates making everything go down (and come out) a lot smoother.
Who says healthy food is nasty - Non believers! That's who!

Hunter's Rice -Ancho spiced pork, deglazed shams and mighty white onion. Paired up with garlic roasted courgette and butternut maple squash puree.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup- Smooth and spiced with a hint of vanilla bean. Topped off with a pumpkin seed parmesan crisp & fried sage.

Striploin Crostini- Bearnaise, herb roasted potato
citrus asparagus

Mocha Crème Cocoa- Cinnamon Vanilla Bean ice cream, chocolate roll & Sambuca Strawberries

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Chef Sheridan


           Booking for February 2014

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sneak Peek from Last weekend's Dinner Party

For my most recent dinner party I composed a menu based on a theme of world travel. The host's were avid travellers and loved the idea of a destination menu.

So why not dibble into come international cuisine.
Southern seasoned chicken and sausage, roasted red pepper aioli and crispy wonton.
Pushed together with an adjustable chilli oil to add at your discretion.

Black Bean Soup- Banana Salsa
Enter the velvet smooth world of this dish with sautéed onion, fennel and black bean. Adjusted with the grace of fresh vanilla bean and anise seed. Something different to get your attention.

Striploin Croistini

Marinated "AAA" Alberta Beef Seared, sliced and stretched over a crispy French loaf croistini. Topped with Bearnaise.
Matched up with braised red cabbage and a Stilton Blue cheese and Leek potato Pave. Complimented by peppery rocket greens.

Double Chocolate torte

Crispy crunchy chocolate shell with a creamy Callebaut chocolate filling.
Blueberries and Crème Anglais

Can your guess the regions inspiring each course- some have more than one.

Edmonton's #1 private Chef up for booking.

4 course Dinner's starting at 90$ per person for the new year.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mega Your Mashed Potatoes - Cooking Demonstration @ Greenland Garden Centre

An annual celebration and fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Over 500 Ladies gather at Greenland Garden Centre in Sherwood Park Alberta for a night of pampering to raise money for a great cause.
Read more about the event by following the link - http://greenlandgarden.com/index/ladies_night13.htm

And Yes of course Chef Sheridan was there to offer 2 cooking demonstrations on how to whip your potatoes into shape for the holiday season!

I figure, hey it is the holiday season and yes we are all going to cook or eat mashed potatoes at least once over the holidays. So I thought I would shine some light on how to improve taste and nutritional qualities through different cooking methods, techniques and ingredients.

Following a recipe from my Cookbook "Healthy Family Recipes" from Company's Coming we toured along Cooking "Quinoa Mashed Potatoes" and covering every step along the way.

We started off by discussing whether or not to peel our potatoes before cooking them- as there is plenty of nutritional value in the skin, however some dislike the texture. Personally I find meeting in the middle ground with the "lazy peel" works best for me. To simply peel away blemishes, cuts and scores away from the potato leaving less skin on but still enough to reap some health benefits.

From there we covered making consistent cut sizes with our potatoes to ensure even cooking while boiling in water. I also spoke about how after boiling, I like to place my cooked potatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and put it into the oven for 10 minutes at 350F to dry up excess water and steam.

We then spoke about using a potato ricer to mash our potatoes to ensure no clumps. Also a great way to get the kids involved with cooking in a fun way.

After covering the basics of rinsing and cooking quinoa, we spoke of it's many other uses and methods to compliment other foods rather than be the main show.

Then it was right into assembling our Mega Mashed Potatoes, by starting off by scalding our milk in a large pot, and adding in other flavours like roasted garlic, lemon, and nutmeg to infuse into the milk.
Then to gradually add in our riced potatoes and whip them into fluffy glory- complimented by quinoa.

You tell me what kind of cooking demonstration doesn't involve a taste tester of some sort. You gotta taste right?
For all members of the audience I supplied a tasty little bite sized treat. We had our quinoa mashed potatoes piped into a crunch phyllo pastry shell with the addition of slowed cooked Alberta beef and arugula.
Don't worry folks, plenty to go around!

Great feeling to be part of a group who helped raised over $20 000 for Cancer research for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Few spots remaining for private functions during the Holiday Season. Book Today to reserve your spot!

Chef Sheridan

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Thanks Giving Dinner done differently

This year wasn't the typical free for all, cut out the messy bowls, dirty table clothes and portion procrastination. 
I wanted to try to do a neat plated dinner that featured all the elements of your typical thanks giving dinner in a 3 course bundle.

Started things off with this fancy number.

Cranberry coleslaw with a "de-constructed stuffing" composed of roasted garlic mashed potato, arugula, glazed carrot, roasted chicken thy and wedge of garlic toast. Sauced with a natural pan jus.

Moving along into the main course featuring Cornish Hen and cranberry gastrique.

A frenched breast seasoned and roasted with fingerling potato, a maple cinnamon yam purée and spiced asparagus.

For Dessert none other than pumpkin pie. You don't dare switch that dessert on this day, but here is the twist.

Pumpkin purée mixed with a cream cheese filling in a dramatic sweet cornbread shell. Lined with two layers of bourbon caramel sauce and candied pumpkin seeds. Vanilla bean ice cream, and a red delicious dipped in white chocolate.

Holidayyyy Seaaassonnnnn

Customized Holiday food for every occasion in your own home.
Book your Christmas season dinner today. Spots still available for December! Let me take care of the rest.

Find out whats going on at www.ChefSheridan.com

Chef Sheridan

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Werd to Words In the Park

Words in the park is a festival which takes place in the heart of Sherwood Park. It will feature 55 authors/particpants from Strathcona County, Edmonton, Northern Alberta and beyond. 

All Set to Take place on October 19th from 1-4PM in the library hall in the Centre of Sherwood Park Alberta

Yes indeed I will be there slanging Healthy Family Recipes! I hope to see you there!

Lots of Great Fall recipes for those cozy dark nights. Heard of Sham Sou?
So much more than just mushroom soup, Stop wasting me time in the Kitchen!

Find out about and scope this recipe on page 112 of my cookbook Healthy Family Recipes.

That is all.

Edmonton's #1 Private Chef

Chef Sheridan

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

VIdeo - Open Farm Days Alberta

Follow the link to watch a video which sums up Alberta open farm days.


Open Farm Days is a province wide event to showcase local farms and the foods they produce. Working with local Chefs like myself to showcase the beauty and the process of Alberta food.

So proud to be a part. Thank you to everyone involved!

Experience Alberta!

Learn More @ ChefSheridan.com - Edmonton's #1 Private Chef

Chef Sheridan

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ace Bakery Best Sandwich In Canada Contest

A friend had brought this contest to my attention and I new I was in!
Rules are to use any bread supplied by Ace Bakery to construct your best Sandwich and submit your recipe with a picture.
This is my Sandwich- The Doc’s Advocate

Roasted Turkey with Maple Quinoa Aoili

 I chose the Olive Oval loaf to carry my sandwich and lined it with arugula, edam cheese, gala apple, herb oven roasted turkey and of course the maple quinoa aoili.

This sandwich shouts Healthy, and it’s taste packs a punch.


Hopes for numero uno!


Chef Sheridan

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lure of an Interactive Dinner party

Sometimes there is more to good food than just it’s taste and presentation alone.

How about exploring the behind the scenes of what’s going on in a dinner party by Chef Sheridan.

You now have the opportunity to see the steps, ingredients and finesse which goes into creating a memorable meal.
 An Interactive Dinner party is set on the same premise as a standard dinner party. The chef is responsible to grocery shop, cook, clean and plan a menu exclusively for your enjoyment. However with an interactive dinner you have a front row seat to follow along and engage in meal preparation as much or as little as your desire.
 Each couple is provided recipes to follow along with as we prepare the evening’s menu. Often a recipe is chosen from my cookbook “Healthy Family Recipes” to mix into menu, and of course a signed copy of my cookbook is provided to each couple.
Not only do you have the opportunity to learn some new recipes and methods of cooking, but also hear about the nutritional benefits of the meal being constructed * Perfect for guests with dietary restraints or those looking improve the quality of their everyday meals.

An Interactive Dinner party will begin in the late afternoon, where I arrive at your home with all the essentials for the evening including groceries, cooking utensils, plate ware and recipes. After a quick kitchen setup, the menu is introduced; going into details of locally sourced ingredients, unique foods and the concepts of why the menu is exclusive to you and your guests. We then cook your menu of a starter, main course and dessert.

Interactive dinner parties starting at 185$ per person for groups of 4-8 guests.

Add a wine pairing to your main course for 150$ and 50$ for each additional bottle. Explore the wine and understand the basics of food and wine pairing.
Capture the experience by adding the photo package. A professional photographer will snap photos of the events throughout the evening; collecting photos of you and your guests caught in expression, as well as the finalized plated food.  Also presented on customized disc with decorative case. Valued at 300$

Spots are limited before the Christmas Season. Book today!
Chef Sheridan

Here are some food photos from my most recent Interactive Dinner Party.

Sun Catcher Salad – Romaine, arugula, baby kale tossed with white balsamic vinaigrette complemented with nasturtium, heirloom carrot & tomato.

Crusted Lamb Rack of brown sugar Dijon, quinoa mashed potato and chilli mint zucchini


Home-made vanilla bean ice-cream with Sambuca strawberries



Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come step into my office

Every good Chef has a garden... right?
A place to sneak away to when the heat of the kitchen is too much.
Yes, it is pretty chill to run out to the garden and have some easy work in the sun, but it is so much better than just that.
Access to fresh ingredients of your choice. It is something else to plant something and care for it then harvest and eat. From the ground up baby! Cutting down the cost on herbs and veggies never hurts a damn thing either!

Welcome to the Chef Sheridan Garden located at Northern Bear Golf Course.

In my earlier years of cooking, I worked at Northern Bear Golf Course. As I worked through the ranks over the years I  graciously assumed the position of gardener and sous Chef. From day one I was all over the garden with hopes and aspirations of the most complex food factory. This did hit close to home as my first job ever was in a greenhouse- 3 years of working as general labour; watering plants mixing soil etc. So I knew I was on the right track!
I now work closely with Northern Bear Golf Course to provide a showcase garden which we can both benefit from its fruit of the loom.
This summer many herbs and vegetables have been featured in my private dinner parties and other cooking events.

I long list of herbs and veggies are grown in my garden including a few specialty ingredients like apple mint, pineapple sage and nasturtiums.

 Just another step into the standard I provide.

Chef Sheridan>>>>>> The best food in your own home

Friday, August 16, 2013

Realestate is you Kitchen. No vacancy.

Time and time I will take a stroll through the housewares department at a supermarket. To see what's new and fresh, what an average cook is buying to add to their kitchen. Everytime I am baffled by the cluster of useless kitchen equipment. Take a look at this hunk for example.

Just because something is manufactured doesn't mean it has a meaningful use in the kitchen. Consider some manufactures will just make something new exciting just so people will buy it, not because it will make them any better of a cook!

How many times have you decided to throw together a quick meal at home and found yourself stuck in the kitchen way past overtime?
You may enjoy cooking, but like the experience to be short, meaningful and rewarding, especially when you have a lot of other things on the go.

The number 1 way I find to cook most efficiently is by having an organized kitchen. Im not talking about having every can in your pantry organized alphabetically but being realistic of what you do and don't need in your kitchen.

Many of us can open a drawer of cooking utensil and find half the things in there we have never used or use maybe once a year. Sure there may be sentimental attachments and feeling of "what if I need this one day" but this is half of our kitchen space collecting dust and taking up valuable space.
Imagine if you didn't have to dig deep to grab a cutting board, or simply opened a drawer to find your top 5 cooking untensils sitting smiling waiting for you.
For me this is essential, if I have to waste time searching for things to put together a meal my ambition to cook starts to diminish quite quickly.

And this doesnt need to be a kitchen rehaul or some major makeover. You can start simply by picking out 10 things you rarely use and store them somewhere downstairs or out of the way. If a few months go by and still they are sitting in the basement maybe its time to consider getting rid of them!

Just another rant I guess.

Set yourself up for success in your kitchen, and it will empower to cook more at home and you will reap the health benefits of home cooked meals.

Chef Sheridan

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healthy Smokin Cooking Demonstration with Chef Sheridan

Smoking foods on your barbecue at home can get your belly rumbling quite easy, but can you do it?
I see it as almost of a staple of summer- the smell that carries from miles away, and you bet im gonna come a runnin when I smell the hickory smoke. Oh boY!

I led  a cooking demonstration at Taste of Edmonton on July 19th to teach 10 participants the easy ways to smoke foods on your barbecue at home. I also placed a large emphasis on the ingredients we choose; whether it be your cut of meat or if you are in a toss up between fresh lemon juice or that bottled lemon garrrrbage.
Consider your side dishes, do they match well, and together are they providing you with a complete balanced meal? Hmmmmm? Hope so, cause its pretty damn easy!

We demo'd a recipe from my cookbook "Healthy Family Recipes" the mighty Redneck Ribs
Each cook had the oppertunity to design their own sauce and smoking flavour for a full rack of pork back ribs. Pork ribs were provided by local "Irving's Farm"

Fireplace Stove World was generous enough to sponsor the event by providing 3 traegar barbecues for us to cook and smoke our ribs on. Thanks for coming out Tammie!

Another hit for this Chef.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported!

Chef Sheridan
Edmonton Private Chef

Feature Chef @ the Taste of Edmonton

Behold the presidential Dinner of Taste of Edmonton.
A kick off private event for administrative staff and government officials hosted in the sip N savor tent on Thursday July 18th 2013. A celebration of good food and drinks.
Team Chef Sheridan with my Fab crew-Justin Webb, Mike Minarchi, Cassius Era, Chef Sheridan, Dani Thorson, Nikki Crooks, Alyssa Neis, & Janay Bazin

A beauty E z-up tent provided by Custom Shelters, the force to be wreckin with! Need one? Talk to ma hommie Jeff!


Together we put together 3 menu choices, which is your favorite?

Mushroom stuffed Yorkshire

 with roasted garlic mash and mushroom demi glace. Mushrooms provided by local mushroom farm "Praire Mushrooms"
I cheffed together a mushroom ragout using crimini and oyster mushrooms. Creamy mushroom gold baby!

Jack Chicken with bourbon pan sauce

southern roasted corn and chilli arugula salad.
This Recipe snatched from my cookbook "Healthy Family recipes" Company's Coming.
Another cheese stuffed beauty!

Baby Benny with pistachio Hollandaise. 

You have to be straight off your rocker not to fall in love with this one. I used quail eggs from a local quail farm "Bryconn developments"combined smoked bacon, spinach and a crisp croissant to lay it all together.

We prepped 200 of each of these recipes to serve to our guests.

I thought it would be fun to lighten the load by having my own jelly bean raffle to win a signed copy of my cookbook. Can you guess how many beans?

 I wasn't even close, sure glad I didnt have to count those. Thaaaanks Nikki :D

Good times with some great people! See ya next Year!

You know about this Chef Sheridan guy yet?! Find out more @ ChefSheridan.com

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