Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Thanks Giving Dinner done differently

This year wasn't the typical free for all, cut out the messy bowls, dirty table clothes and portion procrastination. 
I wanted to try to do a neat plated dinner that featured all the elements of your typical thanks giving dinner in a 3 course bundle.

Started things off with this fancy number.

Cranberry coleslaw with a "de-constructed stuffing" composed of roasted garlic mashed potato, arugula, glazed carrot, roasted chicken thy and wedge of garlic toast. Sauced with a natural pan jus.

Moving along into the main course featuring Cornish Hen and cranberry gastrique.

A frenched breast seasoned and roasted with fingerling potato, a maple cinnamon yam purée and spiced asparagus.

For Dessert none other than pumpkin pie. You don't dare switch that dessert on this day, but here is the twist.

Pumpkin purée mixed with a cream cheese filling in a dramatic sweet cornbread shell. Lined with two layers of bourbon caramel sauce and candied pumpkin seeds. Vanilla bean ice cream, and a red delicious dipped in white chocolate.

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