Friday, August 16, 2013

Realestate is you Kitchen. No vacancy.

Time and time I will take a stroll through the housewares department at a supermarket. To see what's new and fresh, what an average cook is buying to add to their kitchen. Everytime I am baffled by the cluster of useless kitchen equipment. Take a look at this hunk for example.

Just because something is manufactured doesn't mean it has a meaningful use in the kitchen. Consider some manufactures will just make something new exciting just so people will buy it, not because it will make them any better of a cook!

How many times have you decided to throw together a quick meal at home and found yourself stuck in the kitchen way past overtime?
You may enjoy cooking, but like the experience to be short, meaningful and rewarding, especially when you have a lot of other things on the go.

The number 1 way I find to cook most efficiently is by having an organized kitchen. Im not talking about having every can in your pantry organized alphabetically but being realistic of what you do and don't need in your kitchen.

Many of us can open a drawer of cooking utensil and find half the things in there we have never used or use maybe once a year. Sure there may be sentimental attachments and feeling of "what if I need this one day" but this is half of our kitchen space collecting dust and taking up valuable space.
Imagine if you didn't have to dig deep to grab a cutting board, or simply opened a drawer to find your top 5 cooking untensils sitting smiling waiting for you.
For me this is essential, if I have to waste time searching for things to put together a meal my ambition to cook starts to diminish quite quickly.

And this doesnt need to be a kitchen rehaul or some major makeover. You can start simply by picking out 10 things you rarely use and store them somewhere downstairs or out of the way. If a few months go by and still they are sitting in the basement maybe its time to consider getting rid of them!

Just another rant I guess.

Set yourself up for success in your kitchen, and it will empower to cook more at home and you will reap the health benefits of home cooked meals.
Chef Sheridan

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