Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come step into my office

Every good Chef has a garden... right?
A place to sneak away to when the heat of the kitchen is too much.
Yes, it is pretty chill to run out to the garden and have some easy work in the sun, but it is so much better than just that.
Access to fresh ingredients of your choice. It is something else to plant something and care for it then harvest and eat. From the ground up baby! Cutting down the cost on herbs and veggies never hurts a damn thing either!

Welcome to the Chef Sheridan Garden located at Northern Bear Golf Course.

In my earlier years of cooking, I worked at Northern Bear Golf Course. As I worked through the ranks over the years I  graciously assumed the position of gardener and sous Chef. From day one I was all over the garden with hopes and aspirations of the most complex food factory. This did hit close to home as my first job ever was in a greenhouse- 3 years of working as general labour; watering plants mixing soil etc. So I knew I was on the right track!
I now work closely with Northern Bear Golf Course to provide a showcase garden which we can both benefit from its fruit of the loom.
This summer many herbs and vegetables have been featured in my private dinner parties and other cooking events.

I long list of herbs and veggies are grown in my garden including a few specialty ingredients like apple mint, pineapple sage and nasturtiums.

 Just another step into the standard I provide.

Chef Sheridan>>>>>> The best food in your own home

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