Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healthy Smokin Cooking Demonstration with Chef Sheridan

Smoking foods on your barbecue at home can get your belly rumbling quite easy, but can you do it?
I see it as almost of a staple of summer- the smell that carries from miles away, and you bet im gonna come a runnin when I smell the hickory smoke. Oh boY!

I led  a cooking demonstration at Taste of Edmonton on July 19th to teach 10 participants the easy ways to smoke foods on your barbecue at home. I also placed a large emphasis on the ingredients we choose; whether it be your cut of meat or if you are in a toss up between fresh lemon juice or that bottled lemon garrrrbage.
Consider your side dishes, do they match well, and together are they providing you with a complete balanced meal? Hmmmmm? Hope so, cause its pretty damn easy!

We demo'd a recipe from my cookbook "Healthy Family Recipes" the mighty Redneck Ribs
Each cook had the oppertunity to design their own sauce and smoking flavour for a full rack of pork back ribs. Pork ribs were provided by local "Irving's Farm"

Fireplace Stove World was generous enough to sponsor the event by providing 3 traegar barbecues for us to cook and smoke our ribs on. Thanks for coming out Tammie!

Another hit for this Chef.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported!

Chef Sheridan
Edmonton Private Chef

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  1. Woo, Amazing post, I would like to share one more thing, You Didn't Know You Could Smoke. Oysters, on the half shell: Smoke over 1 cup alder or apple chips at 235ºF to 250ºF on a grill grate for 18 minutes. Serve as a hors d’oeuvre with butter and lemon; in oyster stew; in a cream-cheese-based dip.

    Aculinarymind - Dinner Party Chef Long Island