Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feature Chef @ the Taste of Edmonton

Behold the presidential Dinner of Taste of Edmonton.
A kick off private event for administrative staff and government officials hosted in the sip N savor tent on Thursday July 18th 2013. A celebration of good food and drinks.
Team Chef Sheridan with my Fab crew-Justin Webb, Mike Minarchi, Cassius Era, Chef Sheridan, Dani Thorson, Nikki Crooks, Alyssa Neis, & Janay Bazin

A beauty E z-up tent provided by Custom Shelters, the force to be wreckin with! Need one? Talk to ma hommie Jeff!

Together we put together 3 menu choices, which is your favorite?

Mushroom stuffed Yorkshire

 with roasted garlic mash and mushroom demi glace. Mushrooms provided by local mushroom farm "Praire Mushrooms"
I cheffed together a mushroom ragout using crimini and oyster mushrooms. Creamy mushroom gold baby!

Jack Chicken with bourbon pan sauce

southern roasted corn and chilli arugula salad.
This Recipe snatched from my cookbook "Healthy Family recipes" Company's Coming.
Another cheese stuffed beauty!

Baby Benny with pistachio Hollandaise. 

You have to be straight off your rocker not to fall in love with this one. I used quail eggs from a local quail farm "Bryconn developments"combined smoked bacon, spinach and a crisp croissant to lay it all together.

We prepped 200 of each of these recipes to serve to our guests.

I thought it would be fun to lighten the load by having my own jelly bean raffle to win a signed copy of my cookbook. Can you guess how many beans?

 I wasn't even close, sure glad I didnt have to count those. Thaaaanks Nikki :D

Good times with some great people! See ya next Year!

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