Friday, February 7, 2014

The pride of the most powerful tool in your kitchen

A must in every kitchen is a good sharp chefs knife; In my opinion this is what separates a cook from a meal maker.

But is this just a bunch of ramble? Aside from cleaner cuts is a sharp knife really going help out the average cook in the kitchen? Or will it cut my fingers clean off rather than just the regular nicks and pokes.

Not only is a sharp knife better for quicker and more precise cuts but it is in fact safer.

A dull knife is more common to slip when you cut vegetables, also you generally need to use more pressure to cut through different foods- more pressure to slide into unsuspecting fingers.

Using a dull knife when cutting herbs, greens and other nutritious vegetables tends to bruise and wilt rather than to gently slice through. This bruising can actually impact flavour, appearance and even nutrient retention in a negative way.

A good chef will hold a lot of pride in their knives; to keep them clean, sharpened and well looked after.

If you find yourself in the kitchen often, and are running low on band-aids then it might be time for you to invest! You can find a great selection of knives at local dealers within your town. I recommend Shun knives.

I recently added a new blade to my collection. Take care of your knives and they will take care of you!

Chef Sheridan

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