Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So much Lobster Blood on my hands

For my 2nd year in row I was lucky enough to be the Lobster chef for the annual Ardrossan lobster dinner.
A time a year when the community gets together mingle and enjoy some first class surf and turf.

For the event a silent auction is always hosted to raise funds for the community. I auction off an 4 course dinner party for 8 people. I was happy to see quite a few bids but the lucky number goes to Robin- Cant wait to cook for you!

260 Live lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia the day of the event. Sorry little buds but your journey ends here with this Chef.
I worked with a crew; Mike Minarchi, Cassius Era, & Hayden Maclean to boil up over 30 gallons of court-bouillon- (a liquid for poaching) with fresh lemon, herbs, Chardonnay, and other flavorful aromatics.
Always such a great rush prepping, cooking, cracking and serving 260 live lobsters in less than 2 hours. Yikes! Good work team we killed it!..... literally..ha ha ha..... I guess that's not really funny?
 Thank you to everyone who came out and supported.
I want to mention each Lobster was treated with respect and humane cooking methods and treatments.

Spring Dinners and BBQ's>>>> Ive got em!

Chef Sheridan 

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