Monday, February 25, 2013

Wood Fire Stove Kababs! Anywhere anytime Babe!

Who says making a healthy choice in a rushed situation is not always an option. A little creativity mixed with some randoms in your fridge can go a long way.

So I just got home in the afternoon, in a rush, gotta go, headed out to the bush for the next few hours. Gonna be hungry and looking for some quality protein to help get my sore shoulder muscles back in gear.
Open the fridge, there sits a lonely striploin steak, half zucchini, red bell pepper, lemon, and some garlic.
3 minutes. Large diced beef, rough chop pepper, cubed zucchini, skewer it up. How about a splash of red wine vinegar, EVOO, some lemon juice and salt and pepper. Lay those babies in some Tupperware and let them hang out with some halved garlic and that sprig of thyme I had chillin. Let em just marinade on the drive out shall we.
I love that wooden stove. Just a few sheets of disposable tin foil and let them sizzle to a beauty med rare. Cash money!
Who is still eating pizza pops?!!?

This one is not in the book, but go get it anyway.
Chef Sheridan

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